Warehouse Support

Warehouse Support Warehouse Support

Warehouse Support

We provide Warehouse Support Services to our clients, and intending clients who need storage space for their equipment, products, raw materials etc.  INNER RING LTD owns a 83,000 square feet of warehouse space in Amukpe, Sapele Delta State. 

Our warehouse site comprises in a clock-wise perspective Gate House, Security/Military’s Lodge, Staff Canteen, Administrative/ Office Block, Chemical Warehouse/ Shed, Multi-purpose Indoor Warehouse and Power/ Water Treatment Plant. Other Ancillary developments on site include, Plinths- comprising Phase area, Car and Trailer Parks, 

Our warehouse will be accessible 24 hour a day, seven days a week by our client.  INNER RING LTD will manage all transactions in and out of the warehouse in accordance with the SLA. We will, with our in-house facilities and equipment, handle and transport your cargo for delivery to pre-determined locations.

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